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The company is specialized in manufacturing all kinds of insulated metal casing and plastic accessories products, mainly in the production of the main extruder. Since the formal establishment of the company since the beginning of the previous heat-shrinkable PVC tube to produce various extrusion-based plastic casing to the horizontal direction being taken, one after another production casing materials, hard plastic tubes and other accessories. cultivars complete range specifications.

 In addition, the company has R & D and production of various high-temperature cable ties, silicone miscellaneous items, all kinds of high-transparent hard plastic tube; sales of US-funded anti-theft tags to hearing a variety of domestic SENSORMATIC and anti-theft tags DR.

 The company was founded in 2005, Houjie Town of Dongguan City, Ford factory is located in industrial areas, with a number of advanced production lines and more advanced professional production equipment, professional production and testing, as well as a number of highly qualified management personnel and technical staff, the company owns their own home and abroad a wide range of authentication, such as UL, CSA, ISO, TUV, etc., the products sell well both at home and abroad.

 Delivery time in the Company, the spirit of customer service and business management to ensure that a variety of products to meet customer requirements and the needs of the international market.

 The company's mission is: observe the credibility, but not floating profit, strive for excellence, have been developing steadily.

 The company's goal is: to establish in the industry best practices, and always seek common development with customers.


 Main products:

 A variety of hardware control, plastic, the silicone tube, PVC tube, heat shrinkable Teflon sleeve, PE Heat-shrinkable sleeve, PVC heat shrink sleeve, PET shrink tube, heat-shrinkable silicone tube, transparent cable , glass fiber tube, Teflon tube, silicone rubber casing,CABLE TIE, nylon cable ties, silicone Article / bar, the plastic article, PVC, the light shafts and separation columns, acrylic tube, acrylic tube , PMMA tubes, transparent rigid PVC pipe, ABS pipe transparent, PS tube, transparent tube, PP pipe, PE pipe, ABS pipe.



 Application range:

 Widely used in the metal pipe, Christmas lighting, electrical appliances, capacitor batteries, jewelry, clothing, lighting, toys, gift packaging, craft, electronics, hardware, medical, sports, electronics, communications, automotive, furniture, bathroom, billboards, doors and windows, display rack, decorative industries


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Last Modified : 2023 - 04 - 27
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